Gold Medal for Excellent Bravery of the Kingdom of Holland 1808
(Gouden Medaille voor uitmuntende dapperheid van het Koninkrijk Holland)
Instituted / (code) 1808 / (GMDKH)
Amount issued 6
Value category Ultra Rare

In 1806 Lodewijk Napoleon was appointed King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by his brother Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1808 he intituted the Gold Medal for Excellent Bravery and the Silver Medal for Bravery to pay gratitude to military who fought in the French forces. This medal was issued only 6 times to:

  • Sgt-maj R.J. Puraye
  • Sgt J. Jong
  • Grenadier D. Moesel
  • Gren-Sgt van Dijk (not issued)
  • Grenadier C. Landman
  • Adj. J. Frederiks (replaced van Dijk)
  • Sgt. J. Jong

Obverse/Reverse: Engravement in a cicle of laurel- and oakleaves. The medal depicted on the left is the medal issued to Puraye. Diameter: 47mm; material: gold.