Honorable Mention 1815
(Eervolle Vermelding)


Instituted / (code) 1815 / (EV)
Amount issued


Value category Rare

Article 13 of the Law of the Military Order of William also provided for honouring with a Honorable Mention (Eervolle Vermelding) in a day order. This award was granted to soldiers who were not yet eligible for the highest accolade.

The Honorable Mention provided no visible sign on the uniform. The military themselves on their own initiative provided a "wreath for honorable mention" . These wreaths are known from the Metal Cross in 1830 (as depicted far left), the Medal of the defenders of the citadel of Antwerp and the Medal for the War on Java (1825-1830).

In 1877 a Royal Decree approved that the soldiers who were mentioned in a day order could wear a silver crown on the ribbon of the Medal for Important War Actions.

The Crown could also be attached to the Bronze Cross 1940 and the Flying Cross 1941. When the Bronze Lion was instituted in 1944 the Honorable Mention was abolished. The 87 HM's on the Bronze Crosses and the 17 HM's on the Flying Crosses were replaced by Bronze Lions.