Museummedal 1817, type 4
(Museummedaille type 4)
Instituted / (code) 1817 / (MMz)
Amount issued ?
Value category Ultra Rare

The Honorary Medal for Merits toward Museum Collections is one of the oldest Dutch honors. The medal was instituted by King William I in a Royal Decree on June 26, 1817. The decision speaks of a "Honorary Medal for expressions of interest in 's rich collections shown by donation". The medal would be awarded in gold, silver or bronze, as a token of gratitude "to them that any book or artwork, which was the fruit of their labor, the King sent around." The reasons stated in the decision to grant these decorations were in the Royal Decree of May 5, 1877 by King William III expanded with the provision that the medal would be awarded "to those who by offering important gifts or otherwise located have made meritorious with respect to the various scientific and art collections of the Empire. "So the medal with the impossibly long name at the end of the 19th century, the public came to be known as Museum Medal. There are 5 types: