Bonjol Diamond, bronze 1838
(Ruit van Bonjol, brons)
Instituted / (code) 1838 / (RBON)
Amount issued
3 (silver)
20 (bronze)
Value category Ultra Rare

The Bonjol Diamond was instituted in 1838 to honour non-European military who fought in Bonjol, ending the Padries-war. Since it was impossible to honour "natives" with the Military Order of William a special medal was issued. The bronze medal for Courage and Loyalty should have been issued, but due to bad communications a medal wat struck at Royal Mint.

Obverse text: on top "Bonjol". Bottom: "1837". In the middle: "Voor moed en trouw" (For Courage and Loyalty) encircled by "Het Nederl. Oost Ind. Gouvernement" (The Dutch East Indies Government). Reverse: Same text in Malay.

Diameter: 45mm x 38mm; material: bronzer.