Medal for Bravery and Loyalty 1839, bronze Javanese
(Medaille voor Moed en Trouw, brons Javaans)
Instituted / (code) 1839 / (MMT)
Amount issued 1156
Value category Rare

After the institution of the Military Order of William the need to award military of Asian origin ("inlanders") serving in the Dutch-East-Indies Army was felt. The Order of William was deemed inappropriate because inlanders were not to govern so "BELEID" (policy) did not fit on them. Therefore, In 1839 the medal for Bravery and Loyalty (Moed en Trouw) was instituted. It was struck in two versions: bronze and silver. In 1898 the medal was replaced by the 1898 Cross for Bravery and Loyalty.

Obverse the text: "Uit naam des konings, voor moed en trouw in Nederlands Indie" (In the name of the King, for Bravery and Loyalty in The Netherlands Indies). Reserve: Malay or Javanese text of the obverse. Diameter: 35 mm. Material: silver.

There are four versions:

Ribbon: 1839-1869 Nassau-blue ribbon, after 1869 the same ribbon as the Military Order of William.