Star for Loyalty and Merit 1893, silver
(Ster voor Trouw en Verdienste, zilver)


Instituted / (code) 1893 / (STV)
Amount issued ?
Value category Rare

The Star for Loyalty and Merit was instituted in 1893. This medal was to replace the Medal for Civil Merit (Medaille voor burgelijke Verdienste) because the native rulers valued a star as a higher reward than a circular medal. At first there were four classes, In 1924 a fifth class was added: the Large Silver Star

  • Large Gold Star
  • Large Silver Star
  • Gold Star
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star

Diameter: 50mm. Material: bronze with blue enamel

The ribbon for the Bronze and Silver Star was as shown. The ribbon of the Gold Stars had two small yellow lines at the edges. In 1945 the ribbon was changed in ablue ribbon with small wavy yellow lines. Each extra line indicating a higher degree (Large Gold Star had 5 wavy lines). The medal on the left should have two lines.