Cross for Bravery and Loyalty 1898, bronze Malay
(Kruis voor Moed en Trouw, brons Maleis)


First date issued / (code) 1898 / (KMT)
Amount issued 262
Value category Ultra Rare

The Cross for Bravery and Loyalty was instituted in 1898 to replace the Medal for Bravery and Loyalty as instituted in 1839. The medal looked too much like the Long Service medal. These medals were to honor those of Asian origin ("inlanders") serving in the Dutch-East-Indies Army. These military were seldom awarded the famous Order of William (MWO) because there was a common view that inlanders could not qualify as knight in this order. After 1920 it became more common to issue MWO's to inlanders. The last Cross was issued in 1927. That explains why only 262 bronze and 13 silver crosses have been awarded. In WWII a considerable amount of medals was lost. After the war a restrike was produced, easily reckognizable because the royal crown is missing. The obverse shows the text "Voor moed en trouw" (for bravery and loyalty), the reserve shows in a Malay or Javanese inscription "Royal Tribute". Javanese inscription is very rare. The ribbon is the same as the MWO.

There are five types: