Medal for merit of the Dutch Association of Volunteer Home Guards 1924
(Medaille voor verdienste van de Nederlandse Bond van Vrijwillige Burgerwachten)
Instituted / (code) 1924 / (MVNBVBW)
Amount issued


Value category Above average

This medal was instituted in 1924 as a reward for extraordinary merit or outstanding services to the Dutch Association of Volunteer Home Guards. These Home Guards were decommisioned by the German occupying authorities during WW2 on 1 september 1940. On the obverse the Dutch Lion surrounded by the initials NBVBW (Nederlandse Bond voor Vrijwillige Burgerwachten). Reverse: flat with manufacturer nam Kon. Begeer and silvermark. The mounting of the medal on the left is typical: the medal is attached with a ring to the ribbon below the crown. The crown is attached tot the ribbon with a small pin. These medals are hard to find, especially with the original ribbon. There are three versions:

  • Begeer (fixed crown, ribbon attached to cross)
  • Fixed crown (ribbon attached to crown)
  • Loose crown