Bronze Cross 1940, type Gaunt
(Bronzen Kruis, versie Gaunt)


Instituted / (code) 1940 / (BK)
Amount issued


Value category Average

In 1940, shortly after the beginning of the Second World War, the Dutch Government needed additional awards for bravery. At that moment only the Military Order of William and the "honorably mention" could be used. During the war several awards were instituded. The first was the Bronze Cross in 1940, followed bij the Cross of Merit and the Flying Cross in 1941 and the Bronze Lion in 1944. The Bronze cross was awarded to members of the armed forces "who have distinguished themselves by courageous actions and valiant conduct in the presence of the enemy". The design is based on the 1830 Metal Cross.

Four official versions were issued:

  1. Spink
  2. Gaunt
  3. Rijks Munt ("koningin") ULTRA RARE
  4. Rijks Munt ("koning") ULTRA RARE