Medal for Gratitude 1946 , silver
(Erkentelijkheidsmedaille, zilver)
Instituted / (code) 1946 / (EMz)
Amount issued


Value category Rare

In 1946 a Recognition medal 1940-1945 was instituted because the Dutch Government experienced that not every foreign national could or should accept a Dutch knighthood. For the awarding of this medal there were fewer obstacles.The Medal was established by Royal Decree of 9 February 1946. The medal would be awarded to Dutch citizens in

The 29 mm wide, round Medal was covered by an increase in the form of the Dutch Royal Crown. One wore the medal to a 27 mm wide Orange Ribbon with in the Middle a 5 mm wide white course at the left chest. The front shows a scene from a Greek sage; the slave Androklos who redeemed a lion of a thorn.Surrounded by the edge inscription in Latin:"SIBI BENEFACIT QUI BENEFACIT AMICO" (translation: He who serves a friend, helps himself). On the other side of the coin is the crowned Dutch lion with the edge inscription "POPULUS BATAVUS GRATO ANIMO" (the grateful Dutch people)