Resistance Cross 1946
Instituted / (code) 1946 / (VKN)
Amount issued


Value category Ultra Rare

The Resistance Cross was instituted in 1946 as award for bravery or policy against enemies of the Netherlands in defending the right for freedom. The cross was issued in two versions: 80x48mm for ancestors to a deceiced relative and 60x36mm for living recipients. The cross was awarded 95 times, 94 times posthumous, 1 for a living person. 85 or them Dutch, 7 French, 2 Belgium and one was issued to a monument.

Obverse: Saint Joris fighting the dragon. On the four arms the text "Trouw tot in den dood" (Faithfull until death). Reverse: A flaming sword cutting chains in half. Material: Bronze.

The "o"s on the offical issued version stand straight, but are written Italic on the copy version of the cross.

Two versions exist:

Version on the left is Rijks Munt 60mm

For copies see tab "Forgeries"