Medal for Merit of the Minister of Defence 1987
(Ereteken voor Verdienste van de Minister van Defensie)
Instituted / (code) 1987 / (EVDg)
Amount issued

appr 20

Value category Ultra rare

In 1987 the Medal for Merit of The Minister of Defence was instituted. The medal can be awarded both to civilains and military. This medal can be issued in gold and silver. The purpose of the medal is to award those who have shown:

  • Outstanding achivements of incidental nature for the Ministry of Defence
  • Individual courage in life-threatening situations
  • Courageous conduct during peacekeeping operations in time of peace
  • For special merit of Dutch and foreign civil and military authorities

The medal comes in two versions:

The design of the medal is strikening: It has the form of a bastion. On the observe the logos of Navy, Army and Air Force, surrounded by a blue castle moat. On the reserve the text "Minister van Defensie (Minister of Defence) sorrounded by "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands). The medal is only awarded a few times a year.