Woonded insignia 1990
(Draaginsigne Gewonden)
Instituted / (code) 1990 / (DIG)
Amount issued

appr 4500

Value category Below Average

In the Nertherlands, untill 1990, there was no award for those who were woonded in action. In 1990 the government choose for a insignia instead of a medal like the Purple Heart. In the period 1991-1994 a comittee issued more than 3500 insiginias and certificates to those who were alive and were eligible.

Obverse: the text "Vulneratus nec Victus" (Woonded, but not conquered).

There are several copies made of this medal. Easily reckognizable in the pin attached on the rear: Unlike the orginal it is molded to the back with a small plate.