Doggersbank medal 1781
(Doggersbank medal 1781)
Instituted 1781
Amount issued

gold: 18; silver: ?

Value category Ultra Rare

In 1781 a Dutch fleet commanded by rear admiral Zoutman fought a seabattle against an English fleet commanded bij Admiral Hyde Paker at the Doggersbank in the North Sea. The outcome was undecided. In The netherlands it was seen as a victory. This medal is considered to be the first Dutch Commemorative War medal. Medals are rare, with original ribbon they are very scarce. Medals were issued in gold (for commanding officers, silver with red, white, blue ribbon (for officers) and silver with orange ribbon (for lower ranks)

Observe a "victory" with wings standing on the front of a ship. On the ship the text "Doggers/bank". On the left side the text "pax quaeritur bello (peace is made by war). On the right side "V AVG/MDCC/LXXXI" (5 august 1781). Reverse: "EXI/MIAE/VIRTU/TIS/PRAEM/IVM" (als reward for excellent bravery). In the oval surrounding the text: "Munificentia principis avriaci" (in order of the Proce of Orange). Diameter 36x28mm: Material: Silver.