Dordrecht volunteer medal 1813
(Beloningspenning Dordrecht 1813)
Instituted 1819
Amount issued


Value category Ultra Rare

In 1813 Napoleons power in Europe was shrinking rapidly. In many cities in the Netherlands, then occupied by the French, people challenged French power to regain freedom. On November 22 1813 the greatest disturbances took place in Dordrecht, the French garrison that for strategic reasons in Papendrecht was stationed, saw the French flag was removed at the Dordrecht side and that slogans like: ; "orange in top" were called. The French opened fire, damaging a large number of houses. Of the citizens some were wounded and one dead. In the evening city commander Matthijs Beelaerts rowed to Papendrecht to negotiate. The next day he had to allow 300 French soldiers to re- enter within the city. On November 23 the French fled again the town on hearing the arrival of Prussian troops and Russian Cossacks. It marked the end of French rule.

Diameter: 29mm. Material: silver. Obverse: A crowned cannon covering a ships bow surrounded by the tekst "Voor onzen vesten en haardsteden". Reverse: Within oakleaves the tekst: "Dordrecht XXIV NOV MDCCCXIII".