Brussels Medal 1815
(Beloningspenning van Brussel 1815)
First date issued 1816
Amount issued


Value category Next to Rare

The Brussels Medal was awarded in 1816 to all volunteers who guarded the town during in 1815. The Medal was non-wearable as awarded. From 1818 these medals were made wearable bij puncturing and putting a ring through. The ribbon used was yellow with slim green stripes at the end.

On the obverse St Michael and the dragon (Arms of Brussels) and in Latin: "Magist. Brux. Civib. suis ob assert. urb. secur" (The Brussels Magistrate to its citizens for securing the city's safety). On the reverse: "Belgici Regni Habenas capessente Wilhelmo Nassavoeo MDCCCV" (William of Nassau having taken the reigns of the Belgic Nation). Diameter 34,5mm. Material Bronze.