Gelderland Medal 1815
(Belooningspenning van Gelderland)
Instituted 1816
Amount issued

+ 120

Value category Rare

The Gelderland Medal was awarded in 1816 to members of the Gelderland contingency Volunteer Rifle Company (Schutterij). The Medal was non-wearable as awarded. By Royal decree of 1833 these medals were made wearable. The ribbon used was orange.

Obverse: on an altar two crossed swords surrounded by the text "veldtogt van MDCCCXV" (1815 Campaign). Reserve: surrounded by oakleaves the text "Gelderlands danbare ingezetenen aan de vrijwillige verdedigers der nederlands vrijheid" (From the gratefull inhabitants of Gelderland to the voluntary defenders of Netherlands freedom". Diameter: 39,5mm. Material: Silver.