Utrecht Medal II 1815
(Beloningspenning van Utrecht II 1815)
Instituted 1851
Amount issued

est 35-42

Value category Ultra Rare

In 1850 all living volunteers who had defended the city of Utrecht in 1815 were awarded a silver medal. Two types of medal were struck: type I for the Volunteer Rifle Company of the Utrecht students, type II for the Volunteer Mounted Rifle Company no5 of Utrecht. The medal could be made wearable with an orange ribbon or a ribbon red-white, the colours of the city of Utrecht.

On the obverse Utrecht coat of Arms, crowned, surrounded by the text "Compagnie Vrijwillige Jagers der Utrechtse studenten" (type I) or "Kompagnie vrijwillige Jagers te paard no 5" (type II). On the reverse "Veldtogt 1815" (1815 Campaign). Diameter: 38mm; Material: Silver.