Commemorative medal for Palembang 1821
(Belooningspenning Palembang 1821)


First date issued 1821
Amount issued

est 5000

Value category Average

Commemorative Medal for the capture of Palembang in 1821. Obverse: King William I facing left. On the edge: WILH: NASS: BELG: REX: LUXEMB: M: DUX" (William of Nassau, King of The Netherlands, Grandduke of Luxemburg). On the reverse an acient warrior standing on a ship holding a spear, In the air victory is flying in from the land. On the edge the text "Hostium Munimentus, Expugnatus Satrape Capto, Bello Confecto" (The Hostile Works captured, the Sultan arrested, the war ended). On the bottom (see detail): AD Palembang D.XXIV.JUN.MDCCCXXI and the name of the engraver Braemt.F. Material: Bronze, diameter 41mm.