Java War medal1825-1830
(Medaille van den oorlog op Java 1825-1830)
Instituted 1831
Amount issued


Value category Average

In 1825 an uprising of Indonesians against the Dutch rulers started. This revolt was led by the local prince Dipo Negoro of Java. The uprising started when the Dutch divowed a holy grave. Apart from that there were a lot of negative sentiments due to poverty and the capture of land bij the Dutch. This bloody war lasted for five years. More than 200.000 locals were killed in combat or by lack of water, food and shelter. This war also took a great toll among European and native soldiers: 8000 European and 7000 natives were killed. During negotiations in 1830 General de Kock captured Negoro after which the war ended.

Awarded to European and native officers who served during the war on Java in the period 1825-1830. The original ribbon is orange. Some officers tried to distinguish themselves and gilted the bronze medal.

Unofficial versions of this medal are identified which were gilted or which were atteched to the ribbon with oakleaves

Material: Bronze. On the obverse the head of king William II. On the reverse the text "oorlog op Java 1825-1830" surrounded by oakleves. (Picture has unofficial ribbon. original ribbon is orange)