Medal of Recognition for Antwerp 1832
(Medaille van de Commissie van Erkentenis Antwerpen 1832)


Instituted 1833
Amount issued

est 5000

Value category Average

During the 1830 Belgian War of Independence the city of Antwerp was captured by Belgian insurgents. The citadel however was held by the Dutch garrison commanded by General Chassé. Much damage was inflicted on the city of Antwerp due to periodical bombardment by the defending Dutch. Amazingly, the old general held out for more than a year. Finally, aided by the Navy and many troops, the French began a close siege of the citadel in November of 1832. By the end of December Chassé had to surrender. He left with the honors of War, and was later promoted to General of Infantry. The medal was approved in 1833. All taking part in defence of the Citadel were eligible (officers and soldiers).