Atjeh or Kraton medal 1873-1874
(Atjeh of Kraton medaille 1873-1874)
Instituted / (code) 1874 / (Am)
Amount issued


Value category Below Average

During the so called first Atjeh-war and beginning of the second Atjeh-war in 1873-1874 the Dutch forces tried to capture a palace (kraton) of war-lord Tiban Mohammed. The first expedition (april 1873) was a defeit, the target (Meusigit) was conquered, but the commander (Gen-maj. Kohler) was killed.

In november 1873 Gen. van Zwieten returned with a force of 13.000 men. The capturing of the kraton lasted one week. The war-lord and his warriors had fled into the jungle.

The bronze medal was struck out of the captured bronze canons of the kraton. The orginal medal is of gilted bronze and shows on the obverse the head of King William III. The reverse shows "Atjeh 1873 en 1874".