Mobilisation War Cross 1914
(Mobilisatiekruis 1914-1918)


Instituted / (code) 1924 / (Mk)
Amount issued


Value category Very Common

The Netherlands declared neutral when the First World War could not be avoided. During the whole war the armed forces of the Netherlands remained mobilized.

The medal is of bronze and was awarded to militarized and mobilized men. The cross was instituted in 1924 when it was 10 years ago that the "Great war" brokeout over Europe. A national committee for the commemoration of the Mobilization of 1914 was instituted. Apart from the bronze cross a White Mobilisation Cross was instituted for special valor. People eligible to wear the cross could apply and had to pay themselves to obtain the cross (!).

Obverse: Text on the arms "Augustus 1914 November 1918". Reverse: 'Mobilisatie Vrede Eer" (Mobilisation, Peace, Honor). Two versions exist: one with a mintmark of Begeer on the lower arm and one without mintmark. Diameter: 32mm. Material: Bronze