Medal of the Government Surveying Commission 1926
(Draagpenning van de Commissie voor Graadmeting)
Instituted / (code) 1926 / (KXIII)
Amount issued

37 (only 1 bronze)

Value category Ultra Rare

In 1926 and 1936 medals were granted by Royal Decree to the National Commission for Surveying (which was instituted on February 20 1879). These medals were to commemorate the trips of 1926 and 1934/35 on Royal Netherland Navy Submarines Hr.Ms. K XIII (1926) and Hr.Ms. K XVIII (1934-35). The K XIII sailed under the command of Luitenant-Commander L.G.L. van der Kun (1892-1962) of Den Helder, via the Panama Canal to Surabaya. The K XVIII was under the command of Lieutenant-Commander D.C.M. Hetterschij (1891-1948) and ran through South America and Cape Town to Surabaya. Along the way observations were done with a pendulum by Felix Vening Meineszlaan who recorded the strength of gravity at sea. On both occasions 35 medals were awarded. Luitenant second class Max Samuel Wytema Officer and Officer Marine Steam Navigation Service C. van der Linden, who had sailed on both trips, recieved two medals.

  • Only ONE ! -> bronze medal <- was issued
  • 37 -> silver medals <- were issued

Obverse: surfaced submarine with cunning tower visible, surrounded by the text: "KXIII 1926 Helder-Panama-Soerabaja". Reverse: A pendulum surrounded by the text: "Rijkscomm. V. Graadm. Slingerwaarn." (Government Surveying Commission, Pendulum Observations).

Diameter: 27mm. Material: Silver, silvermark (sword) on the obverse just below the suspension