Cross for Order and Peace 1947
(Kruis voor Orde en Vrede)


Instituted / (code) 1947 / (KOV)
Amount issued

> 100.000

Value category Very Common

World War II had weakened the Dutch forces in Indonesia. Indonesian freedom fighters felt the time was right to start their fight agianst the Dutch. On 17 august 1945 Indonesian leaders Hatta and Soekarno had declared independence. The dispute started over the Linggadjati agreements. In 1947 the Dutch Government (PM Beel) decided to send military forces to restore order. In 1947 General Spoor was sent to Sumatra and Java which led to violent actions from both sides in the so called "First Politional Actions". One year later, during the "Second Politional Actions" both Hatta and Soekarno were arrested. International criticism (especially from the USA) urged the Dutch to seize arms. In 1949 the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Awarded to military serving for 3 months or more in the conflict. Clasps were worn on the medal to indicate the years served (from '45 to '51). Clasps 1945, 1950 and 1951 are relatively rare.