Mobilisation War Cross 1939
(Mobilisatiekruis 1939)


Instituted 1948
Amount issued


Value category Very Common

The Mobilization War Cross 1939 was instituted by Queen Wilhelmina in a Royal Decree of 11 August 1948. It could be requested, and then purchased, by soldiers and former soldiers, who have been in actual Dutch service in the period after 6 april 1939 and before 20 May 1940 for at least 6 months. Eligibles had to send a request at the "Commission on the Mobilization War Cross" in The Hague. The recipients had to pay themselves Fl 7.50.

The fourarmed cross is designed by Frans Smits, Obverse: Between the arms of the cross are two crossed weapons, the decision speaks of "storm Daggers", on a small rays bundle. In the middle of the cross is the helmet worn in the mobilization days of the Dutch infantry posted with a wreath leave. Reverse: flat, with the deepened in relief in a circular text carried out "DEN VADERLANT GHETROUWE", a quote from the National Anthem, Wilhelmus. The Ribbon is purple with a narrow Orange median line. Diameter: 42mm. Material: Bronze.

That many mobilized soldiers were eligible for this cross was not very commonly known in Dutch society. In 2006 were therefore still now very elderly war veterans awarded crosses to mobilization.

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