Cross for Justice and Freedom 1951
(Kruis voor Recht en Vrijheid / Korea Kruis)


Instituted / (code) 1951 / (KRV)
Amount issued > 4100
Value category Average

Awarded to members of the Dutch Contingent of the UN Forces in Korea (both on land and at sea). On this medal a clasp can be worn as indicated on the image. This clasp indicates that bearer has completed a full term in Korea. For more than one term the volunteer recieved an additional clasp with number "2", "3" or "4":

  • 1 tour: est 3500 (Average)
  • 2 tours: 513 (Rare)
  • 3 tours: 38 (Ultra Rare)
  • 4 tours: 1 (Ultra Rare)

The medal on the left has a bar with the number 3. It was issued to P.J.M. Hermans (5-5-1930).