Agadir Insignia 1960
(Draaginsigne Agadir 1960)


Intituted 2000
Amount issued


Value category Above Average

On 29th of february 1960 The city of Agadir in Marocco was hit by a severe earthquake. At that time a Netherlands Royal Navy taskforce consisting of MrMs De Ruyter, Limburg, Gelderland, Drenthe and De Bitter was around Gibraltar. They were ordered to provide immediate humanitarian relief in the disaster.

The crew was never awarded for their impressing assistance in a chaotic situation. It made a great impression on the usually very young crewmembers. In 1960 the Navy could not issue awards for this action because the medal for humanitarian relief was instituted in 1971. After numerous request and pressure from veterans finally in 2000 (!) the Navy decided to issue a insignia which could be worn on the uniform. After 40 years it is very likely that the insignia has never been worn by any man in active service.