Comm. medal Multinational Peace Operations clasp Sinai
(Herinneringsmedaille Multinationale Vredesoperaties met speld Sinai)


Instituted / (code) 1982 / (HMV1)
Amount issued


Value category Average

In 1967 The Sinai desert was conquered bij Israel during the Six Days War. In October 1973 Egyptian troops (in a combined assault with the Syrians on the Golan heights) tried to recapture the Sinai. Israel reacted and even conquered the Suez Canal. On 24th of October 1973 a ceasefire was negotiated. With the Camp David agreement in 1979 Israel agreed to withdraw under UN supervision. Russia however opposed to UN participation. As an alternative the USA suggested a multinational force of observers under the condition of withdrawal of Israel from Sinai. Both Israel and Egypt signed an agreement on 17th of July 1981 to install the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO).

The Netherlands has in the period 1981-1995 participated with 2622 military personell. Tasks assigned were mainly police- and border-patrol related. During this mission one man was killed.

Apart from this medal personell was awarded the MFO-medal

The medal was replaced in 2001 by the Commemorative medal peacekeeping operations