Navy medal 1985
(Marinemedaille 1985)
Instituted / (code) 1985 (MARM)
Amount issued


Value category Below Average

The Navy medal was instituted for those who served in the Royal Netherlands Navy (including the Royal Netherlands Marines) in operational circumstances during a prolonged stretch of time. At start only those who served for at least 6 months in STANAVFORLANT/STANAVFORMED or The Netherlands Antilles could recieve the medal. These terms were considered to be far from "operational" by those whos served on ships and in airplanes during peace-missions and during strenuous exercises. The conditions were therefore extended to operational service in general for more than 72 months, These conditions made it a very common medal. After the Navy in 1985 all other military arms followed with their operational service medals:

There are two types of this medal, the one on the left and a far less well produced one with soft edges and soft print. the second type is, regrettably standard issue since 2005.