Comm. medal Multinational Peace Operations Gulf / Iraq
(Herinneringsmedaille Multinationale Vredesoperaties Irak)
Instituted / (code) 1990 / (HVN7)
Amount issued


Value category Average

In 1990 Iraq invaded the Kingdom of Kuwait. Despite heavy political pressure Iraq refused to withdraw. A large coalition was formed to force Iraq out of Kuwait. In january 1991 a large military operation called Desert Storm started with air raids. After land assault, lasting only 100 hours, Iraq asked for a ceas-fire on 28th of February.

The Netherlands participated mainly with naval forces: frigates Mr.Ms. Witte de With, Pieter Florisz , Philips van Almonde and Jacob van Heemskerck togeteher with tanker/supplier Hr.Ms. Zuiderkruis. After the cease-fire Mine-hunters Hr.Ms, Zierikzee, Harlingen and Haarlem assisted in securing the sea-lanes. The Royal Netherlands Army participated in setting up field-hospitals, The Air Force assisted the defence of Israel against Scud-attacks providing 8 Patriot-units. They also helped Turkey defence by detaching two Hawk-squadrons.

The medal was in 2001 replaced by the Commemorative medal peacekeeping operations