Comm. medal Multinational Peace Operations Yugoslavia 1995
(Herinneringsmedaille Multinationale Vredesoperaties Joegoslavie)
Instituted / (code) 1995 / (HMV4)
Amount issued

appr 8000

Value category Average

This medal was awarded to all military personnell who served in the Balkan conflict in former Yougoslavia in the period june 1992 until october 2000. The followoing missions were granted this medal:

  • EC Monitor Mission
  • WEU-Mostar
  • SAM-Mission
  • ICFY
  • Sharp Guard
  • Deny Flight
  • Joint Endeavour
  • Joint Guard
  • Deliberate Guard
  • IFOR
  • SFOR
  • KFOR

The medal was in 2001 replaced by the Commemorative medal peacekeeping operations