Comm. medal UN-peacekeeping operations Haïti 1994
(Herinneringsmedaille VN-Vredesoperaties Haiti)
Instituted / (code) 1994 (HVN4)
Amount issued


Value category Average

The United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) was originally established to help implement certain provisions of the Governors Island Agreement signed by the Haitian parties on 3 July 1993. In 1993, its mandate was to assist in modernizing the armed forces of Haiti and establishing a new police force. UNMIH was not able to implement the mandate at that time due to the noncooperation of the Haitian military authorities. Later, the UN Security Council, approved the establishment of an advance team of UNMIH to institute the appropriate means of coordination with the multinational force, to carry out the monitoring of the operations of the force, to assess requirements and to prepare for the deployment of UNMIH upon completion of the mission of the multinational force. The Mission terminated in June 1996.

The Netherlands participated with two rounds of Royal Netherlands Navy Marines company of around 150 men.

Military also recieved the UN Mission in Haiti medal (UNMIH)

The medal was in 2001 replaced by the Commemorative medal peacekeeping operations