Comm. medal for the Provision of Humanitarian Relief in Disasters, clasp Albania 1999
(Herinneringsmedaille voor Humanitaire Hulpverlening bij rampen, gesp Albanie 1999)
Instituted / (code) 1971 / (HHA)
Amount issued


Value category Above Average

The Commemorative Medal Disasters brigade was on August 17, 1971 by Royal Decree set up by HM Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.The Medal is granted to persons who, according to the Royal Decree, "forming part of or jointly with the armed forces, on site by a designated disaster area by the Minister of Defence in employment actually took part to the relief effort". Each of the medals has issued a silver clasp on the Ribbon with which humanitarian action is indicated.

Obverse: facing down a sheathed sword. This sword is surrounded by a oakwreath. Left below and to the right above two hands reaching to eachother. The upper, "helping" hand is firm but the lower "receiving" hand is remarkably skinny. In the lower-right corner of the front is the motto ' the helping hand was provided" to read. Reverse: Dutch national coat-of-arms. The colorful ribbon is golden yellow with deep dark blue bands, overflowing in the golden yellow as band. In the middle are three courses, each millimeters wide in the colors of the Dutch flag, red, white and blue, woven.

There are 13 clasps to be worn:

  • Tunesie 1969/1970
  • Soedan 1974
  • Rwanda 1994
  • Albanie 1999
  • Tsunami 2004
  • Pakistan 2005
  • Haiti 2010
  • West Afrika 2014
  • Dominica 2015
  • Egeische Zee 2016
  • Libische Zee 2016
  • Haiti 2016
  • Bovenwindse Eilanden 2017