Kosovo medal 2000
Instituted / (code) 2000 / (KOSM)
Amount issued


Value category Below Average

In the last phase of the wars on the Balkan at the end of the last and beginning of this century the Serbs, claiming old rights and defending the Serb minority, invaded Kosovo. The Kosovars fled in great numbers. Cruel incidents were reported. Nato decided to intervene. The Netherlands participated with troops for miltary assistance.

After return home a lot of military personell did not qualify for a UN-medal becuase they served a few days less than the required six months. Disappointed soldiers returned all their medals. To avoid massive discontent the Minister of Defence decided all military personell serving in Kosovo was entitled to recieve the "Kosovo-medal"`. The reverse of the medal shows the words: "uit erkentelijkheid, de Minister van Defensie" (For gratitude, the Minister of Defence)