Silver Medal of the Society for saving Sailors 1779
(Zilveren penning van de Maatschappij tot redding van schipbreukelingen)
Instituted 1779
Amount issued

> 4544

Value category Above Average

In 1676 the Society for the Life Saving of Sailors was funded. The Society's purpose was to reward rescuers of sailors. Only in 1768 the first gold medal was issued, follwed by the first silver medal in 1779. The medal was not to be worn.

Obverse a rescued sailor in the hands of a female rescuer. She is holding her hand up to death, visualized by a skeleton with a scythe. On the outer edge: "Redditur hoc enectus aquis patriaeque suisque" (He, smothered in the water, will be returned to the fatherland and his loved ones). Reverse: Wrath of oakleaves, in the middel a place for inscription. On the outer edge: "Ob servatum civem. ex dono societ. amstelaed. (I)ICCLXVII" (for rescue of a civilian. a gift from the society, Amsterdam funded 1767). Diameter: 36mm. Material: Gold,