Medal for Humane Action 1822, type 5
(Medaille voor Menschlievend Hulpbetoon, type 5)
Instituted / (code) 1822 / (MH3)
Amount issued

est 1500

Value category Above Average

Type 5 of this medal was issued from 1875 until 1891 to award lifesaving actions. Can be issued in bronze, silver or gold. The recipient must have been in life-threatening danger to recieve the medal.

Obverse: King William III facing right. Under the neck the name of the maker: J.P.M. Menger.F. Reverse: The text "Voor Menschlievend Hulpbetoon (For Humane Action)". There was enough room for the engarved name of bearer

The medal on the left was awarded to A.C. Feij, 1915, smith in Amsterdam