Flood Medal 1855, 1926 Flood bronze
(Watersnoodmedaille, watersnood 1926 brons)


Instituted / (code) 1855 / (EW.26b)
Amount issued 991
Value category Above Average

The Flood Medal was instituded in 1855 to honor those who showed diligence, courage, policy and selfscrifice during waterfloods. Medals were issued in silver or bronze for the floods of 1855, 1861, 1876, 1916, 1926. For repetitive issued medals clasps could be worn. Remarkably no medals were issued for the bigflood of 1953!

In January 1926 cause high water levels of the Maas River and its tributaries flood in the River area in Central Netherlands. By the size of the damage, this is one of the three most catastrophic flooding of the 20th century in the Valley of the Meuse (along with december 1993 and January 1995). In the provinces of Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland is much land flooded. The extremely abundant rain since 19 december 1925 in combination with the meltwater of snow that was there all cases since the end of november 1925 resulted in exceptionally high water levels of the river Meuse, Rhine and Waal with its tributaries. In the morning of 31 december 1925 broke the dyke of the river Meuse at Overasselt and Nederasselt whereby the Land of Maas and Waal flooded. In the days after flooding large parts of the River area of the Waal, Maas and IJssel. The villages Nederasselt, Overasselt, Balgoy, Hernen, Leur and bergharen and several other come under water. By the incoming water and ice were 3,000 houses damaged or destroyed. The damage amounted to 10 million guilders. It was the last great flood disaster in the River area.

Material: Bronze, Diameter: 50mm. Obverse: King William III facing right. Reverse: "Watersnood van 1926" above a paper which shows the recipients name. On top a crown, the paper is surrounded by oakleaves.