Queen-Mother Emma Medal for the rescue of shipwrecked 1904
(Medaille van koningin-moeder Emma voor redden van schipbreukelingen)
First date issued / (code) 1905 / (MKMERS)
Amount issued


Value category Ultra Rare

The Medal of H.M. Queen-Mother Emma for the rescue of shipwrecked was awarded only in silver and has a diameter of 38 mm. On the front of the medal round is Queen Emma as a widow, with diadem and veil, pictured, below, the inscription: "EMMA QUEEN mother". The other side of the coin shows a ship in distress on a raging sea. To the right of the ship is shown and a lighthouse in the foreground one sees a raft with several castaways. This scene is surrounded by a life preserver with the words: "HEROISM and CHARITY". The medal has a comprehensive trim in the form of a tense sailing on which space was for a personal inscription. The Medal was designed by the medailleur J.C. Wienecke.

The Medal was worn on the right breast to a 36 mm wide ribbon that was horizontally striped nassausch of yellow-orange and blue, along which vertical black, red, yellow-orange, blue and blue, yellow orange, red, black borders had been made. The design of the Ribbon was, with the horizontal stripes, rather than Dutch German and the colors are those of Netherlands, Orange and the House Waldeck and Pyrmont from which Emma descended.