Medal for Humane Action 1912, type 8
(Medaille voor Menschlievend Hulpbetoon, type 8)
Instituted / (code) 1912 / (MH3)
Amount issued


Value category Above Average

Type 8 of this medal is the present type and was nstituted in 1912 to award lifesaving actions. Can be issued in bronze, silver or gold. The recipient must have been in life-threatening danger to recieve the medal. On the obverse: woman holding child in her left arm, guarding two other children at her feet. Surrounded by the text: "voor menschlievend hulpbetoon" (for human action). Reverse: "de koningin aan" (The queen to: followed by recipients name, engraved)

The medal on the left was awarded to A.C. Feij, 1915, smith in Amsterdam