Long Service medal officers
(Medaille voor Trouwe Dienst voor Officieren)
First date issued 1866
Amount issued


Value category Below Average

In 1844 the Officerscross was instituted by King William II for faithfull and loyal service. From 1844 until 1866 the cross was issued as a roman number (XV, XX etc) for the number of years in service surrounded by an oakwrath with swords attached on a ribbon yellow-white-blue. From 1866 on the insignia was attached to a cross which was to be worn from a ribbon (like the picture on the left). The highest number issued was LXV (65 years in service) to Prince Frederik of The Netherlands. The cross was also called "Jenevercross" as result of the tradition to celebrate the ceremony by drinking a glass of Jenever. The cross is always issued on the 6th of december, the birthday of King William II.

There are several production types known. The most common producers are van Wielik (present) and around 1866 P. de Meyer. The medal is made of gilted silver. Diameter 29x32mm.



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