Volunteer Medal Public Order and Safety 1958
(Vrijwilligersmedaille Openbare Orde en Veiligheid)
Instituted / (code) 1958 /
Amount issued


Value category Very Common

Instituted in 1958 to honour long, faithful service in a voluntary public service. Until 1998 the medal was called "Vrijwilligersmedaille" (Volunteermedal). After 1998 the medal was officially called "Vrijwilligersmedaille voor openbare orde en veiligheid" (Volunteermedal for Public Service and Safety).

People have to serve in voluntary police, fire brigades, Military Reserve Corps, Red Cross, Paramedics, First Aid Association or the voluntary corps in the Netherlands Antilles. The medal will be issued after 10 years of service. Clasps can be worn for 15 years or more. Every five years the clasp can be changed. Clasps are: XV, XX, XXV, XXX, XXXV and XL.

Obverse: A wall displaying the text: "Patriae Servire Libertas" (Serving the Fatherlands Freedom), Reverse: Netherlands Coat of Arms, Diameter 35mm, Material: Bronze. The ribbon has to be green with small orange borders. Since the required colors were not described in the beginning, ribbon can be found with dark-green and yellow-orange stripes, presently the ribbon is light-green with orange stripes.