Order of the Union 1808, Knight
(Orde van de Unie, Ridder)
Instituted 1808
Amount issued 540
Value category Ultra Rare

In 1806 Lodewijk Napoleon was appointed King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by his brother Napoleon Bonaparte. One of his first actions was to institute two orders: The Grand Order of the Union and the Order of Merit. The Order of Merit should hold 50 Commanders and 300 Knights. On 1 January 1807 294 Knights were appointed. Bonaparte was very displeased by the actions of his brother and both orders were abolished on 14 of February 1807 and replaced by The Royal Order of Holland. In 1808 The Order was restructures to the Order of the Union. The obverse was thet reverse of the 1807 Royal Order of the Kingdowm of Holland. The reverse schows a sheaf with 7 arrows.