Military Order of William 1815, 4th class, 32mm early French
(Militaire Willemsorde 4e klasse)
Instituted / (code) 1815 / (MWO4)
Amount issued 5564
Value category Next to Rare

The Military Order of William was instituted in 1815. The order holds 4 degrees: Knight Grand Cross, Commander and Knight 3rd and 4th grade. The order was awarded for Courage (Moed), Valour (Beleid) and Faith (Trouw).

The medal was worn on the uniform or was replaced by an embroidered copy. That's why old undamaged versions are rare to find. Orders of the fourth class have been produced in different versions since first issue. The older versions have a diameter of 32mm, the latter 42mm.

Most medals were awarded during the Dutch-Belgium ten-days war in 1830 and in the Dutch Indies.

The medal on the left is an early version with a diameter of 32 mm. The branches are not fixed to the cross. The crown is attached to the medal with a French "Fleur de lis" which indicates it to be of French production.

Several types were produced: