House Order of Orange 1905, Officer
(Huisorde van Oranje, Commandeur / Officier)
Instituted / (code) 1905 / (HO5)
Amount issued

266 (2011)

Value category Rare

The House Order of Orange is instituted in 1905. The Queen is the Grandmaster of the Order. These orders are being issued by the Queen herself, without formal consultation of the Government. During the period 1905(1908)-1969 the Order consisted of 13 degrees.:

  • Grandcross
  • Grandofficer
  • Commander
  • Officer
  • Knight (first, second class)
  • Honorary Medal (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Honorary Lady
  • Honorary Medal for Arts and Science (gold and silver)
  • Honorary Medal for Diligence and Ingenuity (gold, silver, bronze)

In 1969 the order was changed into four groups:

  • House Order of Orange (3 degrees)
  • Order of Loyalty and Merit (2 degrees)
  • Crown Order (5 degrees, 3 hon. medals)
  • Honorary Medal for Science and Arts and Inbitiative and Ingenuity (gold medal)

The Medal on the left is the so called "steckkreuz" as issued until 1969