Air Defence Commemmoration Medal 40-45
(Herinneringsmedaille Luchtbescherming 1940-1945)


Instituted / (code) 1949 / (HLB)
Amount issued


Value category Very Common

In 1949, the air protection Commemorative Medal 1940-1945 was instituted. The award was a private initiative of the Board of the Dutch Association for air protection, but these private award was authorized bij the Minister of Defence as an official decoration which might also be worn by soldiers on their uniforms. The Medal was awarded to them, who in the period 1940-1945 served at the air protection service.

The round bronze medal with a diameter of 21 mm had to be worn on a 17 mm wide ribbon on the left chest. The Medal and Ribbon are remarkably small and narrow, most Dutch medals are larger and they are to a 37 millimetre wide ribbon worn.

The front of the medal shows an image of a seated woman who protects t wo children with the sleeve of her dress from three flying bombers. The reverse shows a shield with the lion from the Dutch national coat-of-arms and the inscription "AIR PROTECTION 1940-1945". The Ribbon is divided vertically into two equal halves Nassau blue and grey. Blue is left for the Viewer.