Constable Faithful Service Medal 1909
(Trouwe Dienst Medaille Rijksveldwachter 1909)


First date issued 1909
Amount issued ?
Value category Next to Rare

In 1909 the medal for Faithful Service of Constables was instituted. It was issued for 25 years of service. The corps of constables was in 1941 decomissioned by the occupying German forces. The ribbon of this medal is very special since it has horizontal and vertical stripes. The ribbon is even more rare than the medal itself.

Obverse: Dutch coat of arms with crown in the middle of a cross. On the arms of the cross the txt "Voor Trouwen Dienst" (For Loyal Service). Reverse: the same as obverse, but in the middle the letter W of queen Wilhelmina. Diameter: 35mm. Material: Silver




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