KNBV Faithfull Service Medal gold 1927
(Trouwe Dienst Medaille KNBV in goud)


First date issued 1927
Amount issued ?
Value category Next to Rare

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Brandweer Vereniging (KNVB, Royal Netherlands Firefighters Soviety, instituted 1916) instituted a medal for faithfull service in 1927. The medal was abolished in 1952 when the Cross for Faithfull service was instituted.

Three types of medals exist:

On the ribbon a clasp could be worn for 40 years of service

Obverse: A nude man attacking a firespitting dragon. Surrounded by the text "Kon. Nederlandsche Brandweer Vereeniging".

Reverse: An allegory of fire fighting materials, coat of arms and the text "Voor Trouwen Brandweerdienst" (For faithfull firefighting). Diameter: 40mm. Material: gilted silever