NVBC Cross for merit gold 1945
(NVBC Kruis voor Verdienste, goud)
First date issued 1945
Amount issued ?
Value category Rare

In 1945 the NVBC (Dutch Society of Firefighters Commanders) instituted the Cross for Merit. Three degrees were intituted:

All Crosses have five arms with the letters NVBC on four arms and the firefighting logo on the upper arm.

The Gold Cross was issued for special merit to the firefighting society and for the NVBC. The Cross is white enameled. The ribbon is yellow with three red stripes, one centre and two far left/right

The silver Cross was long time issued for performance and merit in firefigting games. The Cross is blue enameled. The ribbon is the same as the gold cross.

The bronze Cross was reserved for foreign firefighters to honour guests or hosts. The Cross is orange enameled. The ribbon is different: yellow with red white blue stripes in the middle.

Reverse: flat. Diameter: 43mm