Elfsteden Cross 1909


Instituted / (code) 1909 / (ELF)
Amount issued

+ 89000

Value category Common

Individuals who complete an official Elfstedentocht within meeting the conditions are issued with a Elfsteden Cross. For example a participant must be member of the Association of the Frisian Eleven Cities, must have received a ticket for the tour, must finish before 0:00 (speed skaters within 120% of the time the winner) and must present a complete series of route checks.

The Elfsteden Cross had until 2012 no official recognition or status. The Association Frisian Eleven Cities became "royal" and on December 14, 2012 it was announced that in future a carrier insignia (also: wear ribbon) may be worn. At the initiative of the Association Frisian Eleven Cities and Queen's Commissioner in Friesland Jorritsma and on the advice of the Chancellor of the Dutch Orders Lieutenant General de Kleyn, Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk consented.

The Cross was designed in 1909 by Pim Mulier for the first Elfstedentocht. The medal is in the shape of the Maltese cross, with in the center a circular shape. In this circle is shown in the enamel arms of the province of Friesland. Around it can be read in a circle "De Friese Elstedentocht" (The Frisian Eleven Cities Ride). Diameter: 25mm, Matrial: Silver.